2300mm x 344mm x 970mm - 10kg

Tensabarrier® is the undisputed world leader in retractable queuing barriers, seen all around the world in airports, museums, and many other public spaces. Safer and more durable than its rivals, Tensabarrier is the only solution you need for safe queuing.


  • Tensabarrier® is the safest stanchion on the market
  • All cassettes have an anti-tamper tape
  • The Tensabarrier® has been designed to ensure it is at the optimum height
  • Optimum Belt Length
  • The Tensabarrier® post material at 1.5mm is thicker than competitor products at 1.1mm
  • Highest Quality Belts made from 0.89mm military grade fabric
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Tensabarriers are a familiar sight in public and commercial spaces. These flexible tape barriers are light, easy to move and provide a surprisingly effective method of directing foot traffic or closing off areas for safety.

Tensabarriers have a unique tamper-proof belt system with a brake that makes setting up simple. Place the post in the desired layout. Pull the tape from one post and insert it into the special holder on the other post. Repeat until you have a complete barrier. Simple!

The tape is designed specifically to prevent being detached from the post and injuring members of the public. Combined with the braking system, retraction of the tape is slower, offering more time for fingers or obstacles to be removed before the tape pulls into place.

It’s a very effective barrier that offers safety on multiple levels!

Tensa barriers

You will see the Tensa barrier in airports, shopping centres, railway stations, events, concerts, company lobbies and anywhere there is foot traffic that needs to be redirected.

The Tensator barrier is often used to manage queueing. Used in the zigzag patterns we see so often in airports or at theme parks, the barrier is the most efficient way to manage large numbers of people easily and can be installed and removed in minutes.

There are few other barrier solutions that are as flexible or as effective as the Tensator barrier!

While largely psychological in nature, Tensa barriers are so common because they are so effective. They provide clear instructions to passers-by while being unobtrusive.

No wonder they are so popular!

Tensator barrier specifications

Tensa barriers are made up of the upright post and a retractable tape. The post measures 907mm tall and has a stable base ideal for maintaining position.

Both are manufactured from high quality materials and a specially designed base that’s large enough to provide superb stability but small enough to not be a trip hazard.

The height of the post is deliberately low to provide more of a barrier than other Tensa-type barriers. Put the tape too high and people are more likely to sneak under. Put it too low and people can climb over.

The top of the post has a receptacle for another tape that can be secured in place using a special anti-tamper device. The device prevents accidental or purposeful disconnection from the post, offering a safe, secure barrier.

The tape is made from special webbing with tamper proof fastening. It’s a military grade webbing that’s 1.5mm thick. That’s thicker than most of the competition and higher quality too!

The tape offers a full width of 2300mm between posts, providing enough space to make them efficient without having too much space between posts to provide an unstable barrier.

The barrier also includes a unique braking system that slows down the retraction of the tape. This provides an extra layer of safety and security should a tape become disconnected from a post in an uncontrolled way.

The tape will retract but at a much slower rate than competing Tensator-type barriers. This should give people enough time to move away from the tape and avoid injury.

A lot of engineering has gone into what seems like a simple retractable barrier!

Title Dimensions:
2300mm x 344mm x 970mm - 10kg

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Tensabarrier Specification Sheet (Ibex_Tensabarrier_Spec_Sheet_3c_lr.pdf, 1,196 Kb) [Download]