The Centipede Retractable Barrier - All You Need to Know


Crowd control – Do you know how to manage crowds safely? 

In a group setting, crowd control often makes us, as pedestrians; feel safer, more secure and confident in the space we are in. Be it passing through a bustling high street, a festival, a shopping centre, airport or even in a busy workplace we need to feel protected. Industries now need to get a handle on effective crowd control management. 

Effective crowd management is directing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences. Crowd participants seldom act in unison and, if they do, it doesn’t last long! Crowd control can involve privately hired security guards as well as police officers and queuing systems. Crowd control is often used at large public gatherings like street fairs, music festivals, stadiums and public demonstrations. 

UK costs for security and manned hire are on the up, but can we really afford to compromise on public safety? This is where our pedestrian barriers come in, and namely our Centipede Barrier

Centipede Barrier – What is it and how do I use it? 

Centipede Barriers are our most popular solution for pedestrian control in a variety of settings. Indoor or outdoor, train stations to shopping centres, these barriers are versatile and can be repositioned swiftly and deployed by one person.  Keeping pedestrians safe, crowds under control and the premises free from harm.  They can be extended fully to 2.04 meters or retracted to any desirable size. For bigger areas, the barriers can lock onto themselves so multiple barriers can be linked for a larger space.

I need them to stand out, but I also need visibility. 

The Centipede Barriers can come in any colour matching a RAL colour chart. The better and brighter is up to you. Lime green or Barbie pink for those that desire. We stock high visibility yellow and red that is instantly recognisable, also stocking black and grey for the more corporate, smarter appearance. Whichever colour you desire; the barriers can provide a colourful yet elegant alternative to roped off cordons and other types of pedestrian fencing. 

They have two different height options from 1.2 meter to 1.8 meters. While you can see through them, they are extremely difficult to pass through or climb over. This proves a better alternative to retractable tape and or cone barriers that can be easily passed through. This is highly effective especially around crowds involving children, where barriers may be near a road. 

Portable or Permanent? Indoor or outdoor?

The choice is yours when it comes to location and duration. Designed with eight wheels, so one person can move and deploy the expanding gate freely, making relocation easy. For extra sturdiness, they have wheel locks and the gates are designed to interlock to each other. This means you can have limitless barriers interlocking for bigger areas. Reposition the barrier wherever you like, fold them back down again to just 400mm when not in use to make storing a doddle. Robust aluminium build quality assures they will withstand different conditions meaning these can be deployed indoors or outside.