Guardian Goal Posts - Why Do We Need Them?


Why is an overhead warning system needed?

Safety guidance is the most important factor on any given site. Contractors and members of the public that may encounter your site, need to be safe, secure and not come to any harm. Every year workers are killed or seriously injured when they come into contact with live overhead electric power lines.  An overhead wire does not need to be touched to cause serious injury as electricity can jump across small gaps. People who are at most risk of coming into contact with overhead cables are those that operate;

Tipper vehicles, polytunnels, lorry-mounted cranes and lorry loaders, mobile elevated work platforms, scaffold poles, sprayer booms and combines. 

Can it be prevented? 

Of course, the most effective way to prevent contact with overhead lines is not carrying out work where there is a risk of contact with the wires- except this isn’t always avoidable. You can also request that the wires are turned off temporarily whilst work is carried out. Information on electric cables are available from the local electricity supplier or the Distribution Network Operator; alternatively, you can contact the owner. If this is unknown and the owner is therefore uncontactable, you should always assume any cables you may come into contact with, are live.  If the danger cannot be eliminated, you should manage the risk by controlling access to, and work beneath, overhead power lines.

Work sites are busy places, which is why it’s vital to ensure that efficient warnings are in place, especially where overhead electrical cables are of concern. Good management, planning and consultation before any work close to overhead lines are carried out, will reduce the risk of accidents.  There should be ample warning signs, and measures put in place at all times until works are completed. This applies even if the work is temporary or of short duration, our Guardian Goal Posts are here to help. 

What are Guardian Goal Posts – how do they help?

One of the biggest problems, is that people don’t always notice overhead powerlines. They can be difficult to see in dull or dark weather conditions or blending into surroundings such as woodlands can make them particularly tricky to notice. Our GS6 Guardian Goalposts are used to warn vehicles to the dangers of overhead cables, bridges and power lines. The Goalposts allow large vehicles such as cranes to move around a work site freely, avoiding danger. 

Our Guardian Goalposts are 100% compliant with the GS6 HSE Guidelines. Manufactured from non-conductive Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP). The tubing, crossbar and bunting needs to be highly visible, red and white are the standard colours, we also stock easy to see blue and white. Teamed up with our Danger Overhead Cables Cones we can provide adequate warning signs for your work zone where overhead electric cables are present. All of our Guardian Goal Posts are easy to reposition, store and transport. We have various mix and match options where water-filled bases, steel bases and different crossbars and bunting can be chosen. All goal posts are able to be extended to you required height and width. 

For information on purchase and delivery, please do not hesitate to give one of our operatives a call 01903 959611