How Effective Is A WonderWall Barrier?


What’s a WonderWall Barrier? 

Our WonderWall Barrier is a heavy duty, and extremely durable barrier system usually seen in temporary traffic control situations. Completely compliant with the BSEN8442 (British or UK regulatory code AKA British Standard European Norm) requirements, our WonderWall Barrier is one of our most popular products. 

Weighing in at 21.3kg, this barrier gives consistent, firm stability without the need for extra ballast or the need to add water. This means it creates a safer working environment when deployed on excavation projects or roadsides where high winds may occur.  The WonderWall Barrier is fully Chapter 8 compliant meaning it can be used in appropriate locations on public roads and street works within city centres.

Road works and utility works are never a standard or set shape, so it makes sense to use a barrier that is flexible and can be used to create bends up to 90° right angles. 

How effective is it? Does it meet any other requirements?

Yes, our WonderWall Barriers have undergone extensive tests to ensure they are the safest, sturdiest barriers and are second-to-none when it comes to their safety compliance. 

Our WonderWall Barriers are fully compliant with the following:

Can I use it with other products? 

Yes, our Wonderwall barrier can also be used with our other Chapter 8 Barriers, using the S-Clip to connect them securely. Our WonderWall Barrier also connects to the handy WonderDoor using the S-Clip method.  

Ibex Supplies’ StrongWall Barrier, a sister product of WonderWall, connects by their two-way connecter pegs, fitting snugly into each other.  The connecter peg is longer, so that when it is connected to another barrier on uneven ground, or over kerbs it still locks together solidly creating an unbroken chain.

WonderWall can also hold our temporary fencing panels for a double-decked system. Our metal handrail fencing system adds additional pedestrian safety, extending the overall height from 1060mm to 1300mm. 

Need to know more?

If you require further information and would like to speak to a member of the team about WonderWall – please call 01903 959611.