What You Need To Know About Rota Blocks


What is a Rota Block Mini? 

Rota Block Mini is a waterfilled barrier made from MDPE – Medium Density Polyethylene. You may have seen MDPE before in blue piping since it is often used in plumbing because of its great resistance to corrosion when being used with water consistently. 

MDPE is lightweight and has a specific density, its high shock-and-drop resistance properties are more immune to cracking than other plastics like HDPE – High Density Polyethylene.  Thereby the MDPE-made Rota Block Mini is ideal for constructions, roads, building works and other sites where it could be dropped, bashed or scratched. 

Lightweight and easy to deploy 

Another attractive feature about the fact the Rota Block Mini is made from MDPE is that it’s extremely lightweight when empty; only weighing 8.9kg meaning a single operative can deploy effortlessly and install easily, before the Rota Block Mini is filled with water. 

The Rota Block Mini when full can store up to 96 Litres of water. Its filled with water from the top filler cavity, securing with a white cap. When full the barrier weighs a hefty 105kg, mini by size but not by ability. Located at the bottom of the barrier for ease of drainage, there is a heavy duty plug which allows no hassle emptying.  

Designed to hold mesh fence panels with the full capacity weight in mind, the Rota Block Mini when positioned correctly provides high-level wind resistance meaning minimal risk of movement. 

To fix the fencing to the Rota Block, firmly place the fence into the groove running through the block and into the holes at each end. The design also allows you to configure a 90°angle without compromising the stability of the fixings to the fence. The security chain can then be threaded through the mesh fence, attaching with the supplied screws at each side. For an added weight ballast the Rota Blocks can be linked together, also accommodating corners and uneven ground. 

Did you know?

Aside from pairing with temporary fencing panels, the Rota Block Mini is compatible with our Chapter 8 Barriers,  fitting snugly into the top of our Rota Blocks, adding further stability. The Rota Block Mini fits into the middle of the barrier between the feet, adding a weighty support. 

Stack and transport comfortably

As mentioned above our Rota Block Mini is extremely light weight when empty, meaning no need for lifting equipment and can be deployed by one person. They stack on top of each other effortlessly fitting 18 blocks per standard sized pallet.  The Rota Block Mini may be small in size, but makes up for it in strength, durability and endurance. 

Our Rota Block Minis are stocked in standard red or white. Please do contact us if there is another colour you’d require!