Uses For SafeMat Ground Protection


What is SafeMat?

SafeMat from Ibex Supplies is one of the best value-for-money ground protection and access mats on the market. SafeMat Ground protection can be placed over grassy muddy areas to protect the ground underneath from further damage.  

SafeMat matting is commonly used for moving large machinery and vehicles over soft ground, taking weights of up to 120 tonnes. Typically seen in agricultural and farming settings; it is ideal for protecting ground where heavy goods and farming vehicles may need regular access and avoiding the vehicles getting bogged down in wet and muddy areas.

SafeMat helps prevent the ground being churned up by the constant stream of tyres that may be entering or exiting a site. SafeMat ideal for events and festivals site entrances and exits, the non-slip surface is also safe for pedestrians to walk over or across when accessing another area of the site. 

How do I use SafeMat? 

SafeMat is incredibly easy to deploy with two operatives. They have 6 hand / handle holes around the edges of the mat allowing two people to carry and place where needed. SafeMat has multi-sided metal connecters for the handles allowing the interlocking of other SafeMats to enable the user to cover larger areas quickly, creating a heavy-duty traction or pedestrian passage over ground. 

This versatile system is ideal for plant, machinery and multiple vehicles to gain access across soft, wet or damaged ground by creating a durable, stable surface. Once installed, the system protects against severe tracking and rutting, together with guarding against environmental damage.

How much should I purchase what will I need?

Ibex Supplies customer care specialists are happy to help you decide what’s right for you. Speaking to one of our operatives about your site and the need for ground protection can make a huge difference in your purchasing experience. Ibex Supplies’ SafeMat can also be customised with either a company logo and telephone number. Whilst we stock SafeMat in black, we can also produce them in your corporate colours.

Every site is different, and our team is knowledgeable about what’s required so don’t hesitate to give them a call for any queries you may have - 01903 959611