What Are Evo 55 Barriers & Where Can I Use Them?


What are Evo 55 Barriers?

Evo 55 Barriers are deployed for protecting road users and pedestrians from potentially hazardous areas such as repairs or maintenance to walkways and roads. Not only do they help projects run more smoothly, but it helps to protect the area and nearby locations from accidents. 

The Evo 55 is one of our lightest barriers when empty; weighing in at just 8kg they can be manoeuvred and positioned by just a single operative. Once ballasted with either water or sand up to the fill line the Evo 55 can reach a sturdy, secure weight of 28kg. That’s roughly 20 litres of water! 

Evo 55 comprises a series of units that fit together with an interlocking linkage system to allow either straight or curved configurations to be created, establishing a clear delineation line; enabling you to mark out a route as required. 

Where can I use them?

The Evo 55 Barrier is mostly targeted at lighter traffic delineation, where a visible safety barrier is paramount and standard traffic cones simply aren’t enough. Evo 55 Barriers are also commonly used throughout city centre areas for road users; useful for crowd control at airports, docks and events and even for school playgrounds where maintenance is ongoing.

Supplied in highly visible alternate red and white colours, the 555mm high Evo 55 Barriers can be enhanced with a Mini Mesh Fence panel addition, enabling the overall height to reach 1115mm and adding a further 4kg on to the weight of the barrier. Our mesh panels are simple to set up and fully stackable for ease of transportation.

Just so you know!

The tamper proof plugs on all our water filled barriers ensure that they do not fall victim to vandals or leaks once deployed. The Evo 55 Barriers are made from UV stabilised prime polyethylene ensuring that they do not deteriorate over time no matter what weather conditions that are subjected to. 

Evo 55 Barriers are designed to be easily stackable for transport and storage, you can use them again and again. 

For any further questions or queries about the Evo 55 Barrier, don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our experts, 01903 959611.