What is So Different About Danger Overhead Traffic Cones?


What are Danger Overhead Traffic Cones? 

Danger overhead traffic cones are used to warn of overhead structures and obstacles such as power cables; they are usually seen where Over Head Guardian Goal Posts are present.  Every year workers are killed or seriously injured when they come into contact with live overhead electric power lines. Therefore, our blue traffic cone is a must have when working near live cables. “Danger Overhead” cones are to be positioned at the entry points of site and 18m either side of the obstruction, and 3m away from all other areas of the site where live electric cables are present. The traffic cones act as additional control to provide road users and contractors with a further visual aid that a potential hazard is overhead. 

A cone is a cone, right? What makes them different from normal Traffic Cones?

Typically, the most common traffic cones you are used to seeing, are orange with a reflective white sleeve. These are usually used on roads and footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic; providing immediate warning about potential road blockages and designate provisional traffic lanes. 

Over time, the highways agency have introduced various coloured cones for different actions that need to be taken or that potential hazards may be present. The blue ‘Danger Overhead’ cone notifies contractors, pedestrians and motorists to pay immediate attention to the possible danger of an overhead structure. The most common overhead obstructions would be, as mentioned electric cables. Our cone specifically warns the dangers of overhead live cables; as printed on the high visibility yellow sleeve around the cone’s middle. 

Teamed up with our GS6 HSE complaint Guardian Goal Posts, Ibex makes sure you have all basis covered. Blue coloured Danger Overhead Traffic Cones, and Guardian Goal Posts must be in position to reflect safe operating guidance of the site, and overhead hazards. 

For further information please see our product page on Danger Overhead Traffic Cones, or alternatively please call our team on 01903 959611.