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Safety Barriers from £12.50

Safety barriers have more than one job to do – be protective, be stable, be visible. At the same time, they should offer optimum efficiency and flexibility when it comes to deployment, installation and removal.

On top of all this, to be fit for purpose – whatever the purpose – all safety barriers should offer compliance with regulatory safety and risk assessment requirements, when it comes to protecting the public and employees.

At Ibex Supplies, the safety barriers, plastic barriers and expandable barriers we sell are all chosen with this highly demanding brief in mind. That way, you can be certain whichever system you choose will be fit for purpose, on all sides of the barrier.

From pedestrian barrier systems to roadside safety and temporary barrier wall systems, our barriers offer the durability, stability and visibility demanded in all types of site environments, specific locations and extreme weather conditions.

Whether installed temporarily or long-term, inside or out, on construction sites, roadsides or busy public spaces, our portable barrier systems present a range of options from quick, temporary deployment to long-term installation and heavy duty barrier protection.

We also offer a range of compatible items, including reflective strips and fence panels, so that all aspects of your safety barrier needs are covered and can be expanded as work schedules evolve or the scope of the project expands.

The barrier systems available from Ibex Supplies have a long life-span and are competitively priced for sale, to offer the best value on a cost-per-use and long-term investment basis.