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Speed Bumps

Whether you know them as speed ramps or speed bumps, they can be the most efficient traffic calming products available for making UK roads slower and safer. The presence of a speed ramp generally brings traffic speed down to around 10 mph.

At Ibex Supplies, our speed ramp products are designed for efficient deployment, durability and visibility and are suitable for long or short-term installation.

With 50mm height, each modular section is designed and manufactured to withstand HGV weights of up to 44 tonnes, to offer reliability and durability. In the event of problems or repairs being needed sections can be removed and replaced quickly, with minimum disruption, making modular speed ramp systems generally much more cost-efficient for long-term use than concrete or tarmac speed bumps.

An invaluable aid to highway and other roadside construction projects, each speed ramp section includes a recess for cabling and pipes. Ramp end sections are also available for completing each module so there’s no risk of pedestrian trips.

As well as being offered in high-visibility yellow, unintrusive black and a combination of black and yellow, each speed bump section also includes integrated white reflectors, for enhanced visibility at night and during poor weather conditions.