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Water Filled Safety Barriers from £27.30

Water filled barriers offer an ideal solution when quick and easy deployment is a must and when stability is required across many different situations.

From demarcation of roadways and vehicle routes or creating track barriers, to protecting pedestrians from hazards by using water filled barriers in conjunction with fence panels, water filled plastic barrier systems are adaptable. The systems available at Ibex Supplies provide traffic and crowd control as well as security and protection on both sides of the barrier.

Popular barriers: HOG 600RB22OxfordWall, Evo 55

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Water filled barriers are incredibly flexible, effective plastic barriers used for roadworks, construction sites, public events and even race or go kart tracks. They are as safe as they are efficient and provide cost-effective safety barriers for all manner of situations.

Ibex Supplies stock a range of high quality, highly visible water filled road barriers. They are designed to be easy to move and to store, simple to install and set up while providing more than adequate safety for staff, traffic and pedestrians.

Manufactured from high-grade plastic, the water barriers can weigh as little as 5kg empty and as much as 600kg full. They connect using built in interlocks that require no special tools.
Each barrier is fully weatherproof and designed to provide long-lasting protection whatever the weather. They are UV-resistant, stain and damage resistant and most importantly, impact resistant!

Water Filled Traffic Barriers

You will often find water filled barriers on the edge of road works or street works directing traffic or pedestrians around hazards. They can be topped with fences to increase their height to provide vertical and well as horizontal protection.

Their plastic construction has been designed specifically to provide long-lasting protection while remaining highly visible. They are weather-resistant and able to withstand Britain’s changeable weather as well as heavy use.

How Much Do Water Filled Traffic Barriers Weigh?

Our water filled barriers weigh from around 5kg when empty up to around 600kg when filled with water. Much depends on the size and model of barrier you choose. For example, the popular 2000 barrier weighs just 35kg empty and up to 400kg when filled.

Can Water Filled Barriers Be Used to Direct Traffic at Roadworks?

Yes they can! You can use water filled barriers for roadworks, street works, to segregate maintenance or building sites, for directing vehicles or pedestrians or even outlining a go kart track. They are that flexible!

How Durable Are Your Water Filled Barriers?

Ibex Supplies’ water filled barriers are manufactured from high density plastics and are designed specifically for hard use in rough weather. You can use your barriers anywhere at any time of year and they will still look great at the end.

How Do You Install and Set Up Water Filled Barriers?

Most water filled barriers will have forklift holes for easy installation. Some of the lighter variants can even be moved by hand. Each has a moulded connector that will fit a partner barrier to complete a run of barriers. Those connected are secure enough to withstand most impacts too.

Setting up is a matter of setting the barrier in place, connecting it to its neighbour and filling it with water. Easy!

Are Water Filled Barriers Crash Tested?

The RB22 heavy water filled barrier is fully tested by the Transport Research Laboratory to BS EN1317 – N1 50 MPH test. That means it can withstand vehicular impact up to 50mph when properly installed and filled with water.

This makes the RB22 perfect for segregating traffic or protecting pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

Do You Have to Use Water in Your Water Filled Barriers?

While designed for water, you can also ballast your water filled barriers with sand. Barriers are designed to contain sand or water while providing immovable safety to the surrounding area. If you don’t want to use water, you don’t have to. Sand works perfectly well.

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