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Plastic barriers provide lightweight, weatherproof protection in a variety of situations. Tough, highly visible, hardwearing and easy to move, they deliver the practicality and the safety we demand at a price you can afford.

Ibex Supplies provides plastic water filled barriers and fully compliant chapter 8 barriers ideal for a variety of uses.

Each plastic barrier is manufactured from tough, UV-resistant material and can be used indoors or outside as required. Barriers are lightweight to move and built tough. Ideal for the changeable British weather.

Common uses for plastic barriers include road barriers, course barriers, pedestrian barriers, track barriers and much more. Browse our barriers below.

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Flexible Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers provide the ideal combination of practical movement and storage, and the robust safety features we look for. Each is manufactured to be highly visible, completely weatherproof and easy to handle.

They are resistant to wear, the British weather and damage as much as possible. All while being light and easy to move.

All plastic barriers use an innovative fixing system that requires no special tools. It provides a movable, yet secure fixing, enabling you to string multiple barriers together in the configuration you need.

Water Filled Barriers

Water filled barriers are ideal for traffic calming, roadworks, track guides and many other situations. They are light and easy to move and can be filled with sand or water to provide an immovable safety barrier.

Water filled barriers can be moved by hand and stored efficiently too. Installation is simply a matter of moving into place and aligning with a partner piece. You can alternate white and red colours or order them in custom colours.

A convenient water spout means you can quickly fill each barrier from a tanker in minutes.

Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 barriers are designed to fully comply with chapter 8 legislation. Each reflects the same high quality construction as our water filled barriers but are lighter and even more portable.

They are ideal for directing motor or pedestrian traffic, segregating people, work areas and for cordons. They are lighter barriers that provide highly visible direction rather than rugged protection.

Tough and Durable Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers from Ibex Supplies have been manufactured from tough plastic to provide a flexible, yet robust barrier. Water filled barriers can weigh as little as 5kg when empty and up to 600kg when full of water, proving a fast, effective plastic road barrier or pedestrian barrier.

You will often see water filled barriers surrounding roadworks, street works, building sites and even go kart tracks. They are as flexible as they are durable.

Chapter 8 barriers are lighter and designed more for a behavioural barrier than a physical one. They are very easy to move and stack, can store away very efficiently and come with supportive stands for stability in all conditions.

Both barrier types come primarily in red and white but can be manufactured in custom or corporate colours if required.

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