Battery Powered Bulkhead Light

300mm x 105mm x 110mm - 1.5kg

Our battery hoarding lights are designed primarily to be fitted onto flat site hoarding panels but can also be ordered / supplied with scaffolding and Heras fencing fixings if required. The lights can be supplied in either white or red, and are commonly used to warn motorists of hoarding and other obstacles close to the road’s edge.

Each lamp features a selectable mode switch, allowing you to alternate between a flashing or constant illumination. A built in daylight sensor turns the lamps off automatically during daylight hours to preserve battery life.

Four D-Cell batteries provide enough power for: 6 months of operation in flashing mode, and 3 months of operation in constant mode. Tamper resistant security bolts prevent unwanted “adjustments” of the units.


  • Battery powered
  • Available in red or white
  • Tamper resistant security screws
  • 4 x D type Duracell industrial batteries
  • RoHS compliant
  • Selectable flashing or constant mode
  • Light intensity: 1.00 Lux (red), 8.68 Lux (white)
  • Additional fixing available for scaffolding and Heras fencing
  • Built in daylight sensor
  • Tamper resistant bolts
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Battery bulkhead lights are safety lights often used to alert traffic and pedestrians to roadworks, street works and obstructions within the normal path of travel.

They are simple, efficient and provide sufficient warning to passers-by or traffic to hazards.

Ibex Supplies stocks ultra-reliable battery powered bulkhead lights suitable for all weathers and all situations.

These LED battery operated bulkhead lights use four D-Cell batteries for power. Used in flashing mode, the batteries are good for up to 6 months’ use. Used in constant lighting mode, the batteries should last up to 3 months. That’s plenty of time for most uses!

To add to their efficiency, each battery bulkhead light has a daylight sensor that will automatically switch off the lights during daylight to extend battery life.

They are available in white or red and can use different fixings to secure them to scaffold, Heras fencing or other surfaces as required.

Battery bulkhead lights

Battery bulkhead lights are tough, reliable and low maintenance. With excellent battery life and simple operation, they are a low overhead way to alert people to hazards.

Each battery powered bulkhead light is built tough, is weatherproof, tamperproof and can be affixed to scaffolding, hoarding or other surfaces. The lights are available with three different fixings that can secure the lights in place, making them a truly flexible lighting system.

Light intensity is enough to warn of hazards and strikes the perfect balance between providing adequate warning and longevity.

RoHS compliant battery operated bulkhead lights

If you need to comply with Section 172 of the Highways Act and ‘provide sufficient lighting of a hoarding or fence or any such platform or handrail during darkness’, these battery operated bulkhead lights are ideal.

You will see these battery operated bulkhead lights frequently in towns and cities warning pedestrians and traffic to scaffolding, roadworks, street works and other hazards.

Used predominantly at night, they provide more than adequate warning of hazards sufficient for both traffic and pedestrians.

Lighting forms part of our safety barrier range that includes Armco barriersChapter 8 barrierswater filled barriers, fencing and more. These bulkhead lights work with barrier systems to provide safety and visibility for many types of hazard.

Fixing your battery bulkhead lights

Battery bulkhead lights come with a hoarding bracket as standard. If you need to secure them to Heras fencing or scaffolding, you’ll need the relevant fixings.

If you want to use tamper proof fixings, you’ll also need the correct tool, which is available separately.

These lights are typically used to warn traffic of hazards in or at the side of the road but can also warn pedestrians of potential hazards within normal paths of travel.

Battery bulkhead lights require minimal maintenance aside from checking charge regularly. Switching the lighting mode will need to be done manually but the daylight sensor will take care of battery saving.

These automatic battery bulkhead lights have been designed specifically to meet the needs of roadworks or street works and provide reliable lighting with minimal maintenance.

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Title Dimensions:
300mm x 105mm x 110mm - 1.5kg

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Battery Powered Bulkhead Light Specification Sheet (Battery_Powered_Bulkhead_Light_Spec_Sheet_lr.pdf, 1,000 Kb) [Download]