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Flood Barriers from £158.99

Localised flooding is not necessarily as local as it used to be. With increasing incidences of extreme weather hitting the UK every year, many homes and businesses are turning to flood barriers. UK wide, the hire or purchase of flood defences for your home is increasingly seen as a necessary in protecting against the elements.

Flood barrier systems also offer a considerably more effective, hygienic and versatile solution to potential flooding than traditional sandbags, which retain the sludge and sewage often associated with flooding. Plastic flood barrier systems can also work out more time and cost-effective as they are self-draining when the water recedes and can be reused multiple times.

At Ibex Supplies, our flood defence barriers are specifically chosen to offer the very best protection against flooding. With a choice of heights, interconnecting hydro-defence can be achieved quickly and efficiently to provide stable, durable defences against flooding.

Our products are also carefully chosen for resistance to the strong winds accompanying those extreme weather conditions which can cause surface water flooding, drain overload and riverbank breaches.

The design of our flood barrier systems allow for any length of connection and include multi-hub ends so that all types of cornering and rotation can be accommodated. The self-balancing, non-bolting method of installation and water retention design makes our barriers quick to deploy by just one or two people and highly stable in use.